I wanted natural dark blond highlights on my medium brown hair. The hair stylist called Myriam coloured my hair darker than my natural hair and added chunky streaky platinum highlights to it.

When I told her they were too bright and looked nothing like what I asked for, she said that I didn't know anything about hair and that they looked exactly like the picture I showed her. She made me pay 175$ for it. When I went back with my mom to ask her to darken the highlights, she started screaming at my mom defending her horrible horrible work. What dropped my jaw to the floor was that her boss said they looked just like the picture, I've attached pictures.

Judge for yourself.

I've now dyed over them with a darker colour. She refused to reimburse me.

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Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1257634

Ok first of all quit acting like you know haircolor names because you sound like an ***. Second your right.

Your hair looks nothing like the picture. It never will. The model has ideal hair type. You do not!

Your hair is fine, curly and super frizzy. That look would look like a fryied brassy *** mess on your hair. Plus $175 is pretty cheap for color and highlights. Just saying.

Plus what chemicals where done to you hair before you arrived to salon? Something was.

Your hair looks pretty *** and looks like you shampoo with drug store brands. Either way move on with your life and start looking at curly girl color photos!


Maybe if you straighten your hair or blow dry it, it wouldn't look that way.

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